Welcome to Legacy Nutritional Products

We have but one goal: Make the best nutritional supplements and sell them at
discounted prices.

High quality and Low Cost to the Consumer

We discovered this formula a decade ago when our founder launched a
product called Metabolite, a high quality generic of Metabolife 356. Later
they launched the HCAMAX which was a generic of Hydroxycut and then
Metabadrine which started out as a copy of Xenadrine.

Metabadrine has been reformulated since ephedra was taken off the market.
Legacy Nutritional Products, Inc. could have taken the fast money way out
and reformulated the product with fake ephedra – ephedra leaves. But we

Don’t Get Ripped Off

These fake ephedra products cost far less to manufacturer than the new
Metabadrine. Yet we sell it for less than the charlatans. They charge as
much as $80 for a twenty day supply. Our 90 cap bottle sales for less than
$50 and will last as long as 45 days.